lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Unit 1. Using an english dictionay

Dangers in nuclear industry’s supply chain

The American Nuclear Society’s annual meeting in June is themed, “Nuclear Science and Technology: Now Arriving on Main Street.” In light of recent reports on the industry’s supply chain flaws, can the package “arrive on Main Street” on time and in one damage-free piece? The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission wonders.
According to the Commission, some parts used in reactors are counterfeit or defective because of an influx of foreign or inexperienced manufacturers crowding in to supply the industry. Most of approximately 700 manufacturers are based in China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, where inspections do not require the same steps and quality standards as in Europe and the United States. While the Commission regulates reactor siting, construction and operation through a combination of regulatory requirements, licensing and oversight, complete review of tiny control rods, vessels and coolant used to make the reactors is not easy.

New Words:
-Chain: a) A connected, flexible series of links, typically of metal, used especially for holding objects together or restraining or for transmitting mechanical power. b) A series of usually metal links or rings connected to or fitted into one another and used for various purposes (as support, restraint, transmission of mechanical power, or measurement).

-Oversight: a) An unintentional omission or mistake. b) watchful and responsible care.

Today we learned how to use an online dictionary, we find out articles about our careers and we chose one of it. The english dictionaries we used are here:

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